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Folding Hatch Covers

Single-Folding type Hatch Cover

The Single folding-type Hatch Cover consists of two panels
and is driven by a hydraulic cylinder.

When the cylinder pushes the panels through the end hinge arm,
the hatch cover is folded and moves along the rail simultaneously
and opened fully.

The single folding-type hatch cover can be operated
at a specific hatch at its necessary location.
SMS-SME designs and manufactures cleat, wheel, and hinge
components placed at the most suitable location for
smooth operation.

Multi-Folding type Hatch Cover

The multi-folding-type hatch cover consists of a Leading pair
and a Trailing pair driven by a hydraulic cylinder and bell crank.

When the leading pair is folded vertically, the trailing pair is
pulled up to the stowage position, and all hatch covers are
opened in sequence.

SMS-SME minimizes the stowage space when all hatch covers
are fully opened, so the loading space in the cargo hold
is increased, realizing easy loading/unloading of cargo.

Multi-Purpose carrier Hatch Cover

SMS-SME supplies hatch covers to multi-purpose carriers (MPC),
designed to load various types of cargoes concurrently depending
on the types and routes of ships.

In the case of mixed types of bulk and container ships,
various cargoes can be loaded effectively by installing folding and
pontoon-type hatch covers on the Weather deck and Tween deck.

SMS-SME is a leading hatch cover maker in the supply of
custom-designed products based on years of expertise.