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Ro-Ro Equipment Internal

Internal Ro-Ro is used inside the hull to maximize space optimization and safety of the ship (i.e., water tightness).
It is mainly operated by cylinders.
Operating time is the critical design factor because it can save loading time significantly at the port, making the operation profitable.

A movable ramp is custom-designed

And manufactured considering the inclination angle of the ramp according to loaded vehicles.

The movable ramp in a closed position can be used as a car deck or
a water-tight or gas-tight structure.

Automatic control is possible by PLC, but manual valve methods
are also available, if necessary.

SMS-SME supplies various ramp covers depending on the type and size of ships and loading vehicles.

We can open and close the deck by using a ramp cover to secure a sufficient height when vehicles are loaded or unloaded through the ramp.
The ramp cover can be divided into the end hinge and side hinge depending on the position of the hinge type.
Most of the ramp covers are operated by a hydraulic cylinder, but a Jigger Winch is used in some cases.

The Liftable Car Deck loads
the vehicles efficiently and safely.

SMS-SME ensures shipyards and ship owners realize optimized ship design by minimizing the weight of the Liftable Car Deck, maintenance, or production costs, including easy installation by the standard module system application.

Caspian Sea Rail Ferry with the Liftable deck loading or unloading train running in Azerbaijan at Baku Shipyard.

Hoistable Car Deck consists of several panels which can efficiently satisfy various clearance height conditions of loaded vehicles through the individual operation of each panel.

SMS-SME developed Electric driven Hoistable Car Deck as an environmentally friendly product for efficient and economical operation of the ship.

It can prevent vehicle damage caused by oil leakage and ensures easy installation with its built-in design.

A bulkhead door is installed to allow cargoes or passengers to pass through the bulkhead.

According to the installation zone, watertight, Gastight, and Non-tight methods are available.

The Bulkhead door usually functions as an Inner door with a Bow door and is also used to distinguish the vehicle loading zone in a fire-blocking bulkhead role or for damage stability of ships.

In general, a Direct cylinder type is applied, but also a jigger winch can be applied if necessary.