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Spare parts

Original Parts prepared Quickly and Conveniently

SMS-SME stocks many of the most common spare parts and
complete repair kits to achieve optimum response times.
Those can be shipped immediately wherever the ship is located
worldwide through global logistics.

  • - Quality guaranteed
  • - Stocks of ready-assembled spare parts kits
  • - Fast availability of all standard spare parts
  • - Advice on the case of customer-specific designs

Comprehensive Knowledge, Quick Response

For spare parts, please send email to
SMS-SME will meet your spare parts needs without delay.
SMS-SME will provide support in identifying parts, offer information about prices and delivery times,
and arrange for spare parts to be shipped by the best possible carrier.

Support Pads (Reliable and Advanced Quality)

  • Bronze pad
  • Plastic pad
  • Steel pad
  • Sandwich pad

Rubber packings (Effective tightness and Long life time)

  • Wide Solid Packing
  • Compact Sliding Packing
  • Sponge Rubber Packing
  • Corner Packing Type-A
  • Corner Packing Type-B
  • Corner Packing Type-C
  • Corner Packing Type-D

Steel fittings (High Quality Fittings for Marine use)

  • Various steel fittings
  • Self Lubricant type sheaves
  • Pins & Bushes
  • Wheels & Sprockets
  • Auto Cleats
  • Quick acting Cleats

Electric & Hydraulic Parts (The Wide Range Availability of Electric & Hydraulic parts)

  • Various Electric & hydraulic items
  • Portable power unit
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Ball Valves
  • Control Valves