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Side-Rolling Hatch Covers

Rack & Pinion Driven Hatch Cover

Side Rolling type hatch covers are operated by a rack and pinion driven mechanism with a rack gear transversely located in the middle of the underside of each panel.

A pinion gear is positioned outside the side coaming and engaged with the rack gear.

Each panel is fitted with its own rack and pinion driven mechanism to allow independent operation.

Many shipowners have adopted an Auto-roll mechanism with auto-cleats for easy and comfortable operation without manual cleat operation.

Chain Driven Hatch Cover

Side Rolling type hatch covers are also operated by a chain-driven system.

The operating chains are connected crosswise to the arms of both panels giving simultaneous operation.

One-sided operation type and both-sided operation type are available by a low-speed hydraulic motor mounted on the side of longitudinal coaming.

Auto-roll mechanism with auto-cleats is also available and recommendable to this type of hatch cover.

Piggy Back type Hatch Cover

Piggy Back type hatch covers are adopted on multi-purpose carriers when the deck space is insufficient to accommodate rolling covers in the open position.

This system always comprises two panels, one panel is lifted panel back.

Then, both panels are rolled back and forth.

Lifting of both panels is achieved by vertical hydraulic cylinders and rolling by hydraulic motors.