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Ro-Ro Equipment External

SMS-SME provides the Ro-Ro equipment such as ROPAX and Car Ferry and general commercial ships.
SMS-SME offers tailored design considering the tidal movement of the sea where ships are in operation. Quay conditions are also considered to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

The quarter ramp/door consists of three parts

main section, folding section, and flap. The cylinder installed between the primary and folding sections adjusts the ramp tilt angle according to the quay height.
This has been designed in a structure to fully satisfy heavy loading strength and accommodate the balance and slope of the vessel.
They are not limited to the quay wall strength conditions by reducing the pressure on the pier through an auto-tension function.
The system is generally operated and controlled through the PLC program, and various operation methods are available according to customer requests.

Stern ramp/door consists of two parts
– main ramp and flap.

The main ramp/door in the closed position is fixed firmly by cleats and locking devices to ensure water tightness, and the flap is designed as folding type as necessary.
The auto-rail system is applicable to eliminate inconvenience to installation and disassembly of the handrail when opening/closing the stern ramp/door.

The Bow door opens parallel to the side shell
or upwards.

A detachable type bow ramp is also used as an anti-collision bulkhead door while another collision inner bulkhead door is necessary for the conventional type.
Automatic control includes sequential operation by PLC or manual control.
Indication at Navigation Bridge is provided for the door in a closed/locked condition.
The Bow ramp connects the deck and land through the Bow door in the open position and also acts as a watertight door in the closed position.

Side Ramp/Door and Stern Ramp/
Door are used for PCTC.

They are used simultaneously or alternately for fast loading/ unloading of thousands of vehicles.
The side ramps of level 2 or level 3 enable easy loading regardless of the draft of ship or harbor condition.
The jigger winch can adjust the level of use for smooth and accurate operation.
Generally, Side Ramp/Door is operated by a hydraulic winch, but the direct cylinder type is applied when used as level 1.